PowerUp Marketing Event Ticket with Lunch

PowerUp Marketing Event Ticket with Lunch

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You are so frustrated trying to run the company marketing!

Was this really what you signed up for in your role?

Did you know that when you really know how to put marketing together, it can be easy an actually fun! This is a skill set for life, and it should not be messing up your normal workload.

Melody started as Personal Assistant to the Director at White Property Group. On top of her busy role, she was also meant to keep the company website up to date. And it was her most procrastinated task.

The thought that one day she would run her own successful marketing agency was laughable!

Now, Melody Jarvis has won local council awards, speaks regularly on TV, Radio & Paper media, runs her agency Maverix Crew, and juggles a busy household of four young children.

With her sister, Lydia, Melody is going to take you through a sequence of marketing strategies to ensure you are:

  1. Aware of who your target market is
  2. Producing exciting videos, blogs and audio to draw a crowd
  3. Using one simple trick to create 18 pieces of content for your website and social media out of one!
  4. Crack the code - learn the languages of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn so you can easily bring new leads into the business
  5. Using smart adverting that runs itself, and directs ads to an audience who cares, then sends them the exact content they need for the stage they are up to in their customer journey.
  6. A website audit to make sure you are doing everything the EASY way!
  7. Check your online reputation, and manage bad reviews

You can conquer this space, and draw new credibility and currency for your company. The digital space has evolved so quickly and we understand you feel like you are treading water.

This IS a session for someone who feels like they are lost in this space. We are going to laugh, and talk, and eat yummy food. You will feel comfortable to ask ANY questions, and set up coffee dates with us after the event to talk further!

Included in ticket cost:

  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Tea & Coffee on tap!
  • Take home print out notes

Enjoy a lovely intimate setting in a beautiful room with leafy outlook in the Emporium, Fortitude Valley

FULL REFUND up to 7 days before the event.